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Tired of shoveling snow and looking for an experienced, reputable Kanata snow removal or Stittsville snow removal contractor? Kodiak Snowblowing, Inc. is proud to call itself a premium provider of snow blowing services for the residents of the Kanata & Stittsville area. In business since 2006, we service over 4000 satisfied clients per season in the Kanata and Stittsville regions. Service logs are updated daily via our website and we offer 24-hour Live Answer during snow storms, live GPS tracking for all of our vehicles, an online service desk, automated online payments, and a convenient Mobile Snow App for access to us on the go!

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I just wanted to take a moment to send you a quick note of thanks for the continued excellent and unfailingly courteous Kanata snow removal service you have been giving me during the winter.

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10 Good Reasons to Get a Snow Removal Service this winter

More and more people in Kanata and Stittsville are throwing down their shovels and picking up snow removal contracts. Why? Because snow removal contractors are able to remove snow faster and cheaper than the homeowner can do him/herself. Take your situation, for example. How many hours do you spend shoveling your driveway each winter? Read More
If it's worth $20/hr (at the very least), then it costs you $400 a winter to shovel your own driveway. If it's worth $30/hr+ then it costs you at least $600/winter. Here's the easy part. For less than $400 a local snow removal contractor can clear your driveway for you! $400 minus $400 = $0; means it costs you the same to hire us, but you now have 20 hrs more free time. $600 - $400 = $200; means you make $200 by hiring a contractor, but you now have 20 hrs more free time. You get the idea. Any way you look at it, it's an easy equation! By Hiring a Local Contractor: 1. You Save Time; 
2. You MAKE $; 
3. You Avoid getting a sore back; 
4. You Avoid sub-zero temperatures & experiencing snow blowing back in your face; 
5. You Avoid drifts & ice; 
6. You Avoid having to park your car in the street, which other people have to move around, while you clear a path into your driveway; 
7. You Avoid the frustration of finishing up your driveway just in time to see the city plow go by and fill it in again; 8. You Avoid having to look more work in the face at the end of a long workday! 9. Some contractors provide GPS tracking and Mobile Apps to their clients, meaning that you get access to real-time information on your smartphone 24/7 about your contractor's whereabouts; and, 
10. Some contractors answer their phones 24 hours a day on snow days, meaning you get real-time access to a LIVE agent any time of the night or day. That’s right – NO ANSWERING MACHINES! Snow Removal technology has come a long way since the days of pickup trucks with plows. Now contractors are offering snow blowing service, GPS tracking, LIVE Agent, Mobile Apps, credit card payments, and more. Want to join the thousands of others who have already jumped on board? Give your local contractor a call or go to their website for more information. In today's world it's all about time. Why not start by saving yourself more of it? Kanata and Stittsville call us now.

How Do Snow Removal Services Work?

When you subscribe with a snow removal contractor, he will put you on one of his service routes, where you will receive a driveway clearing service at your house from November 1st to April 1st each winter. As a general rule, you can expect to receive 2 clearings of your driveway in each snow storm – an initial clearing once there is at least 5 cms of snow on the ground, and a subsequent clearing once the city plows have gone down your street, so that the ridge of snow at the foot of your driveway can be removed. Read More
It takes most contractors about 6 hours to complete their routes as they service multiple houses on each route. Knowing when the contractor starts his work and where you are located on his route will help you determine when you can expect to receive service at your house. Depending upon the contractor, some offer 24-hour customer service during snow storms; other in Stittsville do not. Some post information on their websites about when they start their routes or record automated messages to inform customers of their service schedule during each snow storm; others do not. If the company offers GPS tracking you will be able to see where your contractor is in relation to your house by looking at the contractor’s GPS tracking map. If this service is not offered you will need to call the contractor directly to obtain this information. When shopping around a good suggestion would be to do some quick research on each contractor’s website to verify information regarding Terms of Service and to confirm which value-added features the contractor currently offers. Specifically: Make sure you know what services are included in your contract before paying. Will the company clear only after a storm or during the snowfall as well? If you choose to subscribe for ‘After the Storm’ service, but require service during the storm will you be able to get this service and, if so, will there be an additional charge for it? Confirm if the contractor has any Quality Control programs in place? Ask if the contractor is insured or bonded. Verify who will be responsible for damages to property in Stittsville. Enquire if the contractor can provide references for his service and check them out. Check if the contractor has a website with contact info, including a customer service phone number and office address. In the event of an emergency you need to feel assured that you can contact your contractor. Consider how many clients the company has versus the number of years it has been in business. This speaks volumes about the company’s quality of service or lack thereof? Get several estimates. Prices can vary widely and are usually based on driveway size. Remember, the least expensive service is not always the best service. What does a $25-$50 difference in price mean between quotes received from one contractor to another? Answer: The cost of 1 service visit from the higher priced contractor when the lower priced contractor does not show up or you are unable to reach him by phone at a crucial time. Be wary of catch-phrase discounts and the number of discounts being offered. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is or, for the cheap price, service may be compromised. Kanata and Stittsville snow removal services are not ones to compromise on this.

The Inside Scoop: What Contractors have to Say about Cheap Prices

As a consumer myself, I won't deny that I am drawn toward a cheap price when I see it. It is an attractive selling feature. As a business person however, I have become an educated 'cheap price shopper', understanding what the implications are for cheaply priced merchandise and services. Merchandise can be priced cheaply if the manufacturer is able to get its hands on cheap raw materials and cheap labor. How can a service provider reduce its costs in order to reduce its price, however? Read More
Well, when it comes to snow removal, there are 5 ways to do this: buy fuel, hire labor, cut back on materials, or cut back on administrative costs. How realistic is each option and what are the implications of each option for the consumer? (Feasibility rating = 1 to 5 where 1 is the Most Feasible; 5 is the Least) By Hiring a Local Contractor:1. Fuel: I haven’t heard of that in a long time. Have you? …And I don’t know of any parties that might be willing to sell fuel ‘out the back door’ for a price. Rating: 5 – Unfeasible. Implications for Consumer: None. The provider cannot offer you a price by cutting its fuel costs. 2. Equipment: It is very possible to buy equipment. How long will anything last, however? This depends on the way in which it is treated. If a company’s staff is hard on equipment, better made and more expensive equipment will go the distance. Rating: 1 – Very Feasible. Implications for the Consumer: depends on when and where it breaks down. If it breaks down on your driveway not only are you not going to get service, but neither is anyone else on the same service route. 3. Labor: Is it easy to find labor? No thinking required here. Rating: 1 – Very Feasible. Implications for the consumer: When you pay an employee $12/hr vs. $20/hr you get what you pay for. More specifically, when an employee knows what the going rate is in his industry for his labor and knows he isn’t being paid it, the results are usually: Sloppy work, Absenteeism, Poor attitude on the job toward his clients, his co-workers, his managers, and more damages caused either to equipment or client property. 4. Equipment Cutbacks in Stittsville: How desirable is it for the service company to reduce the amount of equipment it uses to get the job done? Very desirable. When a company cannot compete on service with other companies in the market it will often move to dropping its prices to hold on to its existing business. How can it make the same money if it is charging less money? By cutting one of its biggest costs - equipment. Rating: 1 – Very Feasible. Implications for the consumer: Delays in delivery of service because the service provider is now servicing the same number of clients with fewer pieces of equipment. More houses on each service route = slower service! 5. Administrative cutbacks: How desirable is it for the service company to cut costs in the office? Very. It is another popular means of cutting costs when revenues from pricing cut into the budget. Rating: 1 – Very Feasible. Implications for the Consumer: Fewer staff or no staff assigned by the service provider to manage the requirements of customer service. Have you been offered a cheap price for snow blowing services? If so, consider the following before making your decision: 
1. How fast will my service be if there is less equipment being used to provide it or if it is breaking down because the equipment is of inferior quality? 
2. Will I get the attention I deserve if there is ever a problem with the service and there is no one in the office to answer my call? 
3. What level of service will I get from a paid driver? prices up front aren’t always what they seem. But, they ALWAYS come from costs which have been cut at the BACK END and rarely come off the company's bottom line! Let us service Kanata and Stittsville now!

Weather Lore

Have you ever felt that animals and insects had a sixth sense about upcoming events or weather? Or, do you fancy a more scientific approach? Throughout time, humans have observed the environment and occurrences in it prior to the onset of different weather patterns. Whether right or wrong we have been forming correlations between the two for thousands of years; so much so that an entire folklore has developed around predicting the weather - winter weather in particular - using environmental indicators as cues. Read More
Curious to see which approach is more accurate for Kanata and Stittsville? Why not try out some of the suppositions below and see how they fare against the meteorologist’s predictions? 1. If ant hills are high in July, Winter will be snowy.2. If the first week in August is unusually warm, the coming Winter will be snowy and long. 3. For every fog in August, There will be a snowfall in Winter. 4. If a cold August follows a hot July, It foretells a Winter hard and dry. 5. When leaves fall early, Fall and Winter will be mild; When leaves fall late,
Winter will be severe. 6. Squirrels gathering nuts in a flurry, Will cause snow to gather in a hurry. 7. Much rain in October, Much wind in December. 8. A warm October, A cold February. 9. Full Moon in October without frost, No frost 'till November's Full Moon. 10. Flowers bloomin' in late Autumn, A sure sign of a bad Winter comin. 11. A warm November is the sign of a bad Winter. 12. As high as the weeds grow, So will the bank of snow. 13. Thunder in the Fall foretells a cold Winter. 14. Onion skins very thin, Mild Winter coming in; Onion skins thick and tough,Coming Winter cold and rough. 15. A green Christmas; a white Easter. 16. If there's thunder during Christmas week, The Winter will be anything but meek. 17. See how high the hornet’s nest, Twill tell how high the snow will rest. 18. The higher the muskrats’ holes are on the riverbank, The higher the snow will be. 19. A halo ‘round the moon Means ‘Twill rain or snow soon. 20. If the breast bone of the Thanksgiving goose is red or has many spots, expect a cold and stormy Winter; but if only a few spots are visible, expect a mild Winter. 21. The severity of Winter is determined by how far down the feathers have grown on a partridge's leg. 22. The wider the brown (middle) band on a woolly bear caterpillar, the milder the Winter. 23. The nearer the New Moon to Christmas Day, the harder the Winter. 24. If the first snowfall lands on unfrozen ground, the Winter will be mild. 25. If there is thunder in Winter, it will snow 7 days later. 26. When the sheep stay on their feet all day eating, a significant snowfall is coming. If you see a large flock of birds feeding in the front yard, a big snow storm is on its way. 27. From the date of first snow on the ground count backwards to the last new moon. However many days is how many snows there will be during the winter. 28. If there is a mackerel sky it will rain or snow within the next 48 hours. 29. Little snowflakes means a large amount of snow is coming; Large snowflakes means little snow will fall. 30. The redder the sky, the greater the chance is that snow is coming. 31. Whatever day the 1st snow falls on Is however many days of snow there will be for the winter. 32. If the direction the snow is falling in is from the east a big storm is on its way. A tough Winter is ahead if: Corn husks are thick and tight... 
Apple skins are tough... 
Birds migrate early... 
Squirrels tails are very bushy... 
Berries and nuts are plentiful... The berries on the holly tree are thick… 
If the oak trees produce a lot of acorns.